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Heritage Tour in India

Heritage Tour in India

She is old. She is young. The two diametrically opposite, different yet unique and dynamic faces of India coexist even at this turn of the millennium. With a history of heritage tourism, learning and civilisation dating back to almost 5000 years or perhaps even more, the modern India presents itself as an ideal tourist destination. From snow clad mountains to breezy sparkling blue sea side. From arid deserts with shifting sand dunes to lush green country sides. From ancient relics and architectural ruins dating back into antiquity to modern cities, India has it all.

Land for all seasons, the subcontinent of India lies in South Asia. To the north it is bordered by the world’s highest mountain chain, where foothill valleys cover the northernmost of the country’s 26 states. Further south, plateaus, tropical rain forests and sandy deserts are bordered by palm fringed beaches. Its southernmost tip is the meeting point of three Oceans.
India is a land of staggering contrast with a mingling of the tradition and modernity that is an unique experience to be in India.One will forever remember the stay in this wonderful Homeland-a land truly of mystery and enchantment.Only India can offer such an astonishing variety of contrasts.
India has given birth to numerous spritual leaders and founders of some of the popular religions of the present day world. India with her veritable treasure trove of culture, mysticism, philosophy, art, music and architecture, to name a few, has been attracting tourists scholars and travellers from the world over since times immemorial. To the casual, the budget as well as the deluxe luxury traveller, India offers a truly memorable and unique stay and heritage tour package. Little wonder, they come over to India again and again. Come Explore and Experience thousands of year old India’s Cultural Heritage Tour through the Expertise of Heritage India Tour & Travels.

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