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Educational Tour in India

Educational Tour in India

We plan School and College Trips, Adventure Camps and Activities, Special Interest Education tour Programs. We assist with destination and venue selection, we negotiate all vendor and hotel contracts, we arrange transportation, we create list of the participant, selection of activities & contents of special interest educational programmed, duration and food menus.

Ath hospitality help you arranging the short school and college trips, Special Interest Educational Programs, Adventure Camps and Activities.

We organize a School and College Trip, Adventure Camps and Activities which make sense in the way you want to educate them and which heighten the impact of your messaging, themes, activities.

We help you find the right venue and destination which makes sense considering your budget, participants and what you are wanting to accomplish.

Your satisfaction with our services holds the key to partnerships on your future events and we look forward to exceeding your expectations time and time again.

Ath Hospitality is providing all your hospitality needs, we ensures your comfort, convenience and security in India.
Ath Hospitality is providing educational tours in all regions-

Ath Hospitality is also providing educational tours in all states. Top states are following-

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