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Business Tour in India

Business Tour in India

The Investment & Technology Promotion (ITP) Division has been created within the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India to give a definite direction and focus to the economic diplomacy strategy of MEA. It works closely with Indian Missions abroad and Government Ministries/Departments as the nodal Division on trade and investment related matters.

It also engages with Export Promotion Councils, Chambers of Commerce & Industry, and industry associations on promoting our common objectives of facilitating trade & investment.

Some of the areas that ITP Division handles in conjunction with other Ministries are consultancy services, civil aviation matters, foreign investment etc. It also provides support to our Commercial Wings abroad in the form of resources and information to enable them to carry out their functions in an efficient and effective matter.

Business tours are a media where people will come through a experience of witnessing ‘in real’ what they read or should know about India and possibility of professions.

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